Safety Shut-down Systems

Envacon, Inc. Air Stop

Envacon, Inc. started in 1999 with a main focus to develop and test the now patented AIR STOP shut-off valve design.

The Envacon AIR STOP engine shut-off valve is used in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Customers include individual engine operators through to fleet operators, engine dealerships, engine packagers, and original engine manufacturers (OEM’s), and our design capabilities now range from the development of one-off installation kits for specific engines through to design, development, and testing programs for OEM and Naval applications.

AIR STOP engine air intake shut-off valves enable control over the operation of internal combustion engines. Installed in the air inlet line, they are used as basic mechanical engine shut downs, or as a safety device for protection against catastrophic diesel engine over-speed resulting from an inhaled hydrocarbon gas (gas leak) from the surrounding atmosphere.


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