Powertherm Maxim is the leading provider of heavy-duty industrial reciprocating engine accessories from

Air Intake and

Exhaust Systems

including industrial silencers and catalytic converters to industrial insulation blankets, exhaust accessories, catalyst elements and more

What can Powertherm Maxim do for You?

Powertherm Maxim is the number one trusted source for all your industrial reciprocating engine accessories needs.
    • Industrial Silencers
    • Air Intake Systems
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Vent & Blowdown Silencers
  • Bellows / Expansion Joints
  • Industrial insulation Blankets
  • Exhaust Accessories
  • Catalysts Elements
Manufacturing partners include:
  • Donaldson Company
  • DME Exhaust
  • Envacon
  • Maxim Silencers
Customers and manufacturing clients:
  • Complete systems for first fit packagers
  • Rental fleet operators
  • Retrofit and overhaul shops
  • End users of industrial engines
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Air Intake Systems

Industrial Exhaust Blankets

Exhaust Accessories

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