Catalyst Washing

Powertherm Catalyst Washing & Testing


Powertherm’s proprietary chemical cleaning with four stage wash procedure optimized to dislodge contamination in the pores of the washcoat at the molecular level.

  • Automated chemical solution dosing and monitoring
  • pH monitoring
  • Each stage utilizes aerated tanks for agitating contaminants embedded in catalyst pores
  • Effluent neutralization tank for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal of chemical solutions


Powertherm’s Catscan testing facility can test your catalyst at your specific operating conditions ensuring compliance with regulatory permits before reinstallation. We provide you with the data you need to make an informed decision about where to install your regenerated catalyst with confidence.

  • Catalyst activity characterized “as-received” from the field non-destructively.
  • Catalyst activity measured under site specific operating parameters.
  • Test catalyst prior to shipping back to location/customer
  • Receive emission report back with element for assurance

In the event that catalyst cannot be regenerated, Powertherm can facilitate the reclamation of the precious metal from your spent catalyst and issue credit towards a new replacement catalyst in the amount of the value of the reclaimed precious metal. Let us prolong your catalyst’s useful life and recycle your spent catalyst to save you money.