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Powertherm Custom Products

 Powertherm provides flex joints (bellows) to reduce vibration and movement in the engine exhaust system piping. Flex connectors are available in single and multi-ply designs. We provide various connections and have many options for flex design such as:

- Stainless Liners - Slotted ID Cuffs - NPT Nipples - Lip/Flare Flanges - Floating Flanges - Flanged - ANSI standard 125/150# - CAT flanges - CUMM flanges - DDA/MTU



Accessories & Replacement Parts
- Elbows
- Exhaust Tubing
- Rain Caps
- Expansion Joints (flex connectors)
- Mounting Bands
- Spark Arresting Mufflers (3"-12"
- Mufflers (3"-12" inlet sizes)
- Clamps
- Flanges
- Outlet Extensions
- Stainless Tubing
- Air Cleaners
- Residential, Industrial & Critical
   Grade Silencers Available
As an industry leader, our knowledge and experience allows us to provide the correct exhaust accessories for any diesel or gas industrial engine.

- Standard high heat black

- Black powder coat
- Stainless Steel 304, 316 and 321
- Metco 120 (longer life for offshore


  customfiltration Filters for all engines with moderate to high flow demands

- 2000 CFM - 30,000 CFM
- Diesel and natural gas
   engine applications
- Marine applications, available