Powertherm Air Intake Rubber Boots

     Powertherm Air Intake Rubber Boots are constructed of 1/4-in. high-strength reinforced fiber cloth coated with neoprene rubber on both sides. Neoprene has excellent stability and is weather resistant as well as mildew and fungus resistant. Neoprene will NOT dry or crack due to weather. Heat resistant to 250°F. Boots are available in 12-in., 14-in. or 20-in. diameters, all with 12-in. length.

Sizes Available:
  12-in., 14-in. or 20-in. diameter

Made to Order/Custom Sizes:
  16-in. or 18-in. diameter

  Reinforced fiber cloth coated with 
  neoprene rubber on both sides

Length: 12 in.

Thickness: 1/4 in.

Temperature Range:  -20°F to 250°F







Powertherm Air Intake Rubber Boots Literature
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