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Maxim Silencers Accessories


Accessory Catalog
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     Maxim Silencers boasts an unrivaled catalog of silencers, emissions solutions and all the related accessories.

Website: www.MaximSilencers.com



Assembled Accessories



M-10 Corrugated Flex Connectors 4-7   M-27 Pipe Hangers 21
M-11 Expansion Joints / Bellows 8-10   M-29 Brackets 22
M-13 to M-15 Wyes (Cummins, MTU, Detroit, Caterpillar) 11-13   M-31 to M-35 Clamps 23
M-20 to M-22 Thimbles, Roof Jacks & Rain Caps 14-17   M-36 to M-46 Flanges 24-26
M-23 to M-26 Tube and Mitered Elbows and Outlet Extension
18-20   M-47 to M-48 Gaskets and
Nut Bolt Gasket Kits
        M-49 to M-52 Tube Fittings 30-31
        M-53 to M-62 Tube and
Mitred Elbows
        M-63 to M-65 Stainless-Steel
Flex Hose and Tubing
        M-67 Cones 36
        M-80 to M-82 Rain Guards
and Drain Cocks
        M-103 to M-106 Velcro Wrap
(Tubing, Flex & Bellows, Elbows
and Flanges)