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What can Powertherm do for You?

      Powertherm is the leading provider of heavy duty industrial reciprocating engine accessories, from air intake and exhaust systems, including silencers and catalytic converters to industrial insulation blankets, acoustic enclosures and air/gas starting systems. Along with manufacturing our own exhaust products, we are privileged to partner with proven national and global manufacturers such as Donaldson Company, DME Exhaust, TDI Air Starters, and Maxim Silencers. Our staff has countless years of experience in the design and application of our products. Our vast knowledge and success has developed out of the trust, confidence and relationships we have formed with our many customers and partnered manufacturers. Whether it's manufacturing or designing a complete system for first fit packagers, rental fleet operators, retrofit and overhaul shops, or end users of industrial engines, Powertherm can meet your needs.

      We are the number one trusted source for all your industrial reciprocating engine accessories needs. Contact us today and let Powertherm provide solutions for any reciprocating engine accessory needs. We strive to provide you and your company the Best Customer Service and Highest Quality Products in our industry. It is a commitment to excellence, quite simply...

...it is Our Commitment To You!


Leading Provider for Air Intake, Exhaust and Starting Systems - Serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma

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